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As we study the mission history of Malaysia, we can see that God has miraculously chosen this land as a mission base to bring the gospel to the Chinese people throughout the world. For the sake of the gospel, many missionaries came to our country in the past, striving to overcome hurdles of cultures and languages, and making a great impact on peoples’ lives through their humble service. Through our WALK THE LAND DVD-Book series, we seek to encourage more Christians to respond to God’s good plan for our country through prayer and new mission endeavours.

LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. (Habakuk 3: 2)

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  • These series are beautifully done! Keep up the good work!
    Rev Daniel Chin ▪ KK Bread of Life Church
  • I thank and praise God that this DVD-Book is released in such a delicate manner! As to what the producer Rebekah has mentioned in her preface, “History tells not only the past; history also reveals the future.” I agree and admire the efforts that you all have put in to complete this important task. I also pray that God will continue to use you greatly and bless your ministry!
    Lee Siew Hui ▪ Tung Ling Seminary
  • Thank you for your contribution made for Malaysian Churches! Many are giving good comments on the production, the production is professionally and excellently done! I will introduce “Walk the Land in Malaysia” to other pastors and co-workers.
    Rev Low Chiew Bang ▪ JB Holy Light Presbyterian Church
  • This production/ DVD-Book is good. Many who acknowledge the importance of prayer and mission works may use it as a tool to pray for Malaysia.
    Rev Rebecca Yap ▪ PJ Antioch Christian Church
  • I look forward to seeing the Bahasa version of “Walk the Land in Malaysia”.
    Rev. Lau Ay Kuen ▪ St. Mark’s Church, Lahad Dato
  • I hope that all Malaysian churches may come to know about this product ---“Walk the Land in Malaysia ”.
    Bishop Philip Lok ▪ LCMS
  • The standard of this production is quite good. Moreover, the packaging of this product itself looked pretty. It’s not only meant for one to keep, but also a lovely gift to friends. I encourage every family to keep one copy. As we see the servants of God came with every effort from afar to Malaya preaching the gospel to the indigenous and the poor, how can we as a church today not doing the works of God with our utmost endeavors?
    Rev. Dr. Chu Leng Chek ▪ Chinese Methodist Church Seremban
  • I personally see the value of this project as it is crucial to revisit the Mission history of early churches in Malaysia. Do keep up the good work, and I will keep this project in prayer。
    Khor Kheng Leik ▪ Inti College Lecturer
  • When we started praying for Malaysia over the years, we have been looking for some Christian visual tool to help us in praying. Thank God! This product is now in our hand, we know that the LORD is answering our prayer.
    Rachel & Thomas ▪ Intercessors from East Coast Malaysia
  • Look forward to encouraging more believers to step into the mission field with this production.
    Ps Lock Sai Kiew ▪ OMF Malaysia
  • This is very good! I think every church should have at least one copy of it. It mentions about the pioneering of mission work and mission needs in Malaysia.
    Andrew Ng ▪ Migrant Ministry Klang
  • It’s a very important Malaysia’s church history archive !
    Rev Dr Wong Tik Wah▪ STM Lecturer
  • It shows God is in control of Malaysia’s history !
    Dr Huang
  • It is an excellent gift for foreign speakers who come to our country, this will help them to pray for Malaysia in a more realistic manner.
    Jess Ling ▪ professional lawyer