1000 Youth Mission Camp - "Charge Up for Christ"

From 24 to 27 November 2008, we partnered with Gospel Operation International-Malaysia office for a "1000 Youth Mission Camp". There were 900 youth gathered in Melaka Formosa Resort. Solid teachings were delivered by Rev Caleb Chiang, Professor Peter Lin, Rev Ling An Guo, and some other speakers. Testimonies were given by missionaries serving in different nations. More than 200 youth were encouraged to respond to the call into God's mission field. In November 2012, a second big Mission Camp was conducted, creating a second wave to summon 1500 youth throughout East Asia. This time, we were in Bukit Merah Resort in the state of Perak. The speaker was Rev James Hudson Taylor IV. He preached the theme message in fluent Mandarin.

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