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The Provider Productions Bhd ("TPP") was formed on the 8th February 1996 and was later registered as a "non-profit sharing company", incorporated on the 22nd June 2000 and governed under The Companies Act, 1965, Malaysia.

By the grace of God, in November 2003, we started in faith to serving full-time. As we review our years of ministry, we had partnered with different denominational churches, mission agencies, para-church organization, and also Christian theological bodies by providing various multi-media productions services. Praise God for preparing such collaborations so that we could reap in mission and in prayer!

We appreciate every caring pastor and believer who generously contributed to our need. May all glory be to our God, the Jehovah Jireh (Gen. 22:14) - HE is faithful to those HE called in HIS service.

Vision & Mission: Media Mission

21st century is an era characterized by high-technology development. Satellite broadcasting, television, films or movies, computer networks, social media and so on are all accompanying us in our daily lives.

As we look around, it is undeniably to say that our perspectives, values, judgments are influenced or shaped by information sent through all these secular media.


We need to concern about this fact, and we can see it as a timely opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ extensively via media. Spread the Gospel by means of different media channels, with the aim to draw people back to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In John 12:32, Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." (KJV)

3 Main Objectives

Training: Training media production people to
    actively participate in media ministry.

Prayer: Raising prayer team in intercession;
    Possessing media field through prayers.

Productions: Spreading the truth of Jesus
    Christ through various media productions;
    partnering in event productions.

Scope of Services

Production services - provide media production services; or partnering in mission, prayer, or evangelistic event productions.

Media Productions - Produce and publish Christian print or digital media.

Media Training - Raise up more people, encourage them to actively participate in media ministry.

Media Intercession - Raise up more intercessors to keep praying for the mission field of media

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