A New Wave & Global Evangelism among Chinese Churches


On 5 November 2015, we co-organized the event of CCCOWE and CCCOWE-West Malaysia in New Life Restoration Centre PJ. Malaysian church pastors and leaders were invited to this leaders' meeting bearing the theme of discipleship-driven cross-cultural mission. The meeting also ushered in the 9th Chinese Congress of World Evangelization (9CCOWE) which was convened 22-26 August 2016 in Taiwan. CCCOWE General Secretary Rev Dr Joshua Ting, and the Prayer Committee Officer of the 9CCOWE Rev Hua Yun are the theme speakers. Two response sessions were given by Elder of DUMC Dr Daniel Ho and Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia Rev Ng Moon Hing. The aim of this leaders meeting is to generate a new wave of global evangelism among our Chinese Churches.

There were 131 invited pastors and leaders from Chinese-English speaking denominations, seminaries, mission agencies and social welfare organization among West Malaysia. The following agendas were brought out: How do Malaysian Chinese-English speaking churches respond to the challenges of world mission? How does CCCOWE practically promote discipleship-driven cross-cultural mission?

Lunch was served so that participants from different states could share more during this fellowship moment.

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