"God's Covenant People" Series

Besides praying for the peace of Jerusalem, it seems that the desperate need of salvation of the Jewish people has not been fully recognized by the church. How can we, as the Church of Jesus Christ, catch the vision of Jewish mission? How should we respond to the call and will of our Lord? Through the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:2-3), God bless Israel, and through Abraham all nations are also blessed. Today, we who through the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus have been grafted into the Olive-tree and become children of God, how can we bless God’s ancient chosen people, the descendants of Abraham, in return? It is our desire that this Jewish Mission Seminar will raise the awareness of Jewish Mission amongst the local churches in Malaysia and that the churches will respond to the need of the Mission. Read more

This seminar is a joint-effort of CCCOWE West Malaysia, The Provider (media ministry) and PJEFC Chinese Church. It was conducted from 27-28 October 2015 in KL Methodist Church. The keynote speakers to the seminar are Rev Joseph Steinberg, the CEO of Christian Witness to Israel, and its fieldworker Miss Sarah Chan. The workshop speakers are Rev Yeo Teong Loke and Dr Tan Nget Hong, they shared about the situation of our churches and spiritual significance of the Church with Israel respectively. There are more than 300 participants coming from different states, including those coming from different South East Asia nations. From 14-24 April 2016, both CWI speakers were invited to come again to Kluang in Johore and Klang valley sharing about "The Apple of God’s Eye", and "The Gospel in The Passover". More than 1,000 people this time heard about the mission. All messages recorded. You may place order here.

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