"Awakening Malaysia" Series


God always deals with individuals with the destiny of nations in mind. He has given each nation an appointed time for HIS mercy or judgement, for nations to be healed or transformed. God is calling the Malaysian Church to come to the place of not just praying but to be set apart for Him, seeking His face, and build His kingdom on earth.

From 8th to 10th April 2013, together with joint efforts of Malaysia National Prayer Nurturing, World Trumpet Mission and New Life Restoration Centre PJ, we organized the first "Awakening Malaysia" Conference, invited Rev. Dr. John Mulinde who has been greatly used by God as a key agent of transformation in Uganda, Taiwan and other nations around the world, to come in to Malaysia. In the Conference, more than 300 pastors and church leaders from all over Malaysia gathered together, learned about living an abandon life, building prayer altar and seeking after God’s heart. The “Wake-Up Call” book was launched in four languages editions – English, Chinese, BM, and Tamil. May the LORD use this book and bring breakthroughs to Malaysian churches. A second training conference was later conducted in the month of November 2013 in Miri, Sarawak.

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